What is Newspaper Advertising and How its work?

Newspaper advertising has been the longest-running form of advertising available for businesses to market their products and services.

There are a lot of variables that go into a newspaper ad, depending on your goals. But, mostly, newspaper advertising is running an ad for your business in a publication – either print or digital.

While it may seem like a straightforward and intuitive process, there are things every business owner needs to be aware of to effectively market and advertise in a news publication.

From the different types of newspaper ads you can run to the design and best-kept newspaper advertising secrets, we’ll cover everything you need to know in this article.

The History of Newspaper Advertising

It may not be a secret, but the history of newspaper advertising can surprise you – and possibly give you a new appreciation for the product itself.

Many businesses today have come to rely on newspaper ads, which can trace their roots back to 1786 when Samuel Poore ran the first newspaper ad in the New York Mercury.

Even though most businesses didn’t rely on newspaper ads back then, Samuel Poore was so successful that the newspaper wrote an article about how the salesperson was able to sell a newsboy to a second-hand newsstand.

This was the first evidence of newspaper advertising in the United States.

Even though most newspapers were connected to newspapers, there were also magazines and trade journals.

There were several different advertising methods used by different publications.

The Different Types of Newspaper Ads

Let’s start with the different types of ads you can run:

In newspapers, there are different ad formats namely Classified Text, Classified Display, and Display. 

Text ads just have the text and appear in the classified section of the newspaper. These ads are usually best for job openings, matrimony, name change, lost and found, etc.

Classified Display Ads have an image that comes in the ad to make it more appealing.

Display Ads are big and can take an entire page of a newspaper. These ads can take a business’ ad standards to a higher level.

Newspaper ads can also be classified into different categories. They are-

  • Matrimonial(wanted Bride/ wanted Groom)
  • Recruitment( situation vacant, situation wanted, etc)
  • Business(proposals/offers, for sale, etc)
  • Property(for sale/ to rent, Accommodation wanted,  Accommodation available etc)
  • Personal (Change of name, lost & found etc)
  • Education (Tuitions, admission open etc)
  • Public notice (Intended marriage notice, court notice, government announcements etc)
  • Travel (Tour packages, travel bookings etc)
  • Services (Tally or data service-related ads, beauty parlour etc)
  • Retail/ Shopping (Online book purchase, apparel shopping etc)
  • Obituary (Sad demise, Months mind etc)
  • Remembrance (One-year remembrance, 2nd-year remembrance etc)
  • Computers (Laptop or system parts ads)
  • Astrology (personal and professional problem solved by astrological gurus)
  • Entertainment or Commercial Personal (Events, entertainment-related ads which have a commercial background).

How to Design Your Ad For Maximum Reach

The first and foremost thing that should be done when running a newspaper ad is to assess the medium and content. When running a newspaper ad, you want to ensure that it is promoting your business in the right way.

If your ad is promoting an event or opening, ensure the event information is highlighted in the ad. If the ad is promoting your business, you want to promote your business in an appealing way that will entice readers to take action.

If you’re in a design contest, make sure your ad is a well-designed ad that has an attractive overall design.

The success of your ad may vary based on the style and type of publication it is in. The size of your publication and the type of reader it is aimed towards will impact how your ad is displayed.

Where to Place Your Ad

there are thousands of newspaper publication in India but there are a few which are most popular with a high readership you can choose from for example The Hindu, Denik Jagaran, Times of India, Denik Bhaskar, Janetta, Finacial Express, Bussiness Standard, Hindustan Times, etc.

What to Expect When You’re Running An Ad in a Newspaper

When running an ad in a newspaper, there are some basic things that you should expect:

Letting readers know what’s in it for them (and why they should choose you over their competition) Making sure the ad is seen by as many people as possible Greeting your readers with your contact information if the ad is in the paper or digital The cost for an ad

Let’s look at each of these in detail.

1. Letting Readers Know What’s In It for Them

When you run an ad for your business, the readers are the ones who get the benefits.

Make sure you tell your readers what they can get from running an ad with your publication. This is known as the “benefits” portion of your ad.

You should do this by making it clear what the reader can get from running the ad.

How much does a newspaper ad cost?

That depends on the size of your ad space. On average, a newspaper ad costs around 20000INR to 70000INR per ad space – depending on the publication.

What type of newspaper ads do you run?

Depending on the publication you are advertising in, there are varying types of ad spots you can use.

Here are a few of the different types of print advertisements you can run:

Print ads (composite ads) – If you’re running a composite ad (like an image of your logo in the corner of a paper) then you don’t need to worry about how it is being displayed. They are a great way to capture people’s attention.

How do I measure the success of my newspaper advertising campaign?

This depends on how much you are paying for the ad. For example, if you are paying per copy of a newspaper, then the cost of your ad will depend on how many units you are placing on the shelves and the size of the ad.

If you are paying per impression, then this is the number of people that may see your ad. So, if you place the ad in more than 500 copies of a given newspaper, then you should expect to see an increased number of impressions per copy.

There are multiple digital and print newspapers, The Hindu, Denik Jagaran, Times of India, Denik Bhaskar, Janetta, Finacial Express, Bussiness Standard, Hindustan Times, etc.


Newspaper advertising has been the most effective and lasting form of advertising available for businesses for generations. In fact, the publication you are reading this article in is one of the oldest forms of newspaper advertising and your local newspaper is probably one of the best.

So, the next time you want to advertise your business, your product or services, or just your business in general, you’ll want to consider a newspaper ad. You’ll know it will be effective because you’ll see results – a return on your investment.

So, what are you waiting for?

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