What is Matrimonial Ad and how to publish one in Newspaper

Matrimonial advertisements are mainly of two types. Prospective brides and their families usually advertise under the ‘Wanted Grooms’ section while prospective grooms, place their adverts in the ‘Wanted Brides’ section. Hariom Advertising provides online newspaper advert booking services for all newspapers across India and the matrimonial category advertising is one of our most popular ads with us.

These classified adverts can be further categorized into specific conditions like preference by ‘language’ or ‘profession’. Advertisers may even further specify their preferences based on language by categorizing adverts under Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Malayalam, Nepali, Kannada, Kashmiri, etc. If they choose to classify as per profession then the matrimonial ad can be subcategorized under Engineers, Doctors, Advocates, CA, MBA, and many more.

Such specific categorization invites only relevant and suitable responses from potential matrimonial suitors. HariomAd offers the best and most attractive discount packages for the matrimonial section of many of the most widely circulated newspapers.

Hariom Advertising helps you book matrimonial advertisements in your preferred newspaper in just 3 easy steps that comprise of choosing your Ad Type (Classified Text/Classified Display/ Display); Composing Ad and finally Make Payment. We offer hassle-free and instant online booking of advertisements across India!!!

How To Write Cost-effective Matrimony Classified Ads in The Newspaper?

  • To ensure that you get a good response to your Matrimonial ads published in the newspaper, it is essential for you to provide accurate details while booking ads.
  • While conveying your message is important, it is equally imperative to limit the number of characters in your Matrimonial Classifieds ad to reduce the cost of your advertisement to be published in The Times of India newspaper.
    For example, Biodata-Horoscope-Photograph can be mentioned as BHP, Vegetarian can be written as Veg, and Manglik can be addressed as MGLK. Lastly, do not forget to share your contact details. 
  • Please make sure that you complete the Matrimonial Classifieds booking at least 2 days in advance to ensure timely release of your advertisement in the newspaper

How are Matrimonial Classified ads priced in the newspaper?

The cost of a matrimonial classified advertisement publishing in The newspaper depends on the following factors:

  • The number of lines. 
  • The publication was selected.
  • The cities where the advertisement will appear.

Matrimonial ads in The Classifieds newspaper section are charged per line for Classifieds Text Ad. And for Classifieds Display Ad, they are charged in Rupees per Square Centimetre across newspapers like The Times of India, Economic Time, NBT etc

The most popular media platform in the country has the most modest ad charges especially when you consider its massive outreach.

How to Book Matrimonial Classified ads in Newpaper?

  • Choose your city of publication  
  • Select the header – Wanted Groom or Wanted Bride. Under the main heading, you can further select the sub-heading (like Caste, Community, Religion) basis your requirements
  • Select the date of publication in The Times of India newspaper from the Matrimonial Ad calendar. Sundays are the best days to publish Matrimonial ads in the newpaper.
  • Draft a crisp yet informative Matrimonial ad
  • Pay online through Credit/Debit Card/Wallet or other payment options
  • You will receive a confirmation of your Matrimonial ad and it will be published in the newspaper on the date selected.

if you want to publish your ads in the newspaper you can connect us.

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