How to get a Duplicate of the Lost Share Certificate?

Before explaining the process of getting a duplicate of the lost share certificate let me explain to you what is share certificate.

Shares, as the name implies, refer to a portion of a company’s share capital, which represents the proportional ownership of the company itself. Companies, when they issue shares to the public for people to purchase, they are essentially making a part of the company available to them to legally own. When people make a purchase of shares, they are issued share certificates. 

A share certificate is a document that certifies that the shares that are purchased by a person are legally and rightfully owned by them and nobody else. This document mentions important details such as the name of the holder and the number of shares purchased by them and is a legally enforceable document that serves the function of being proof of ownership of the shares. 

For shareholders, however, share certificates are extremely vital and crucial documents. This is because they are worth the portion of the company that they have purchased. Shareholders will also be earning dividends on the shares that they have purchased. Since they are a certification of registered and legal ownership of a part of a company, they are very valuable documents. 

The information contained in a share certificate include:

  • The company’s name and registration number
  • The certificate number
  • The shareholder’s name
  • The shareholder’s address
  • The number of shares owned by the shareholder
  • The class of shares
  • The date that the shares were issued 
  • The amount paid (or treated as paid) on the shares

In view of the above, misplacing or losing a share certificate can cause immense distress and tension for the shareholder. But as we all know too well, losing or misplacing important documents can happen even to the best of us.

Process of Getting a Duplicate of the Lost Share Certificate.

When share certificates are lost or misplaced, obtaining duplicate certificates becomes urgent. In order to do so, the shareholder needs to first file an FIR at a local police station and place a loss of share certificate advertisement in a newspaper. 

Such an advertisement needs to clearly state that the share certificates have been lost or misplaced as well as important details pertaining to the lost share certificates. This will facilitate the obtaining of duplicate share certificates. By publishing a newspaper advertisement for lost share certificates, it will inform not only the public but also the company of the misplaced share certificates.

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